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The Truism Center
221 Trowbridge St. Unit 208,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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How to get to The Truism Center

Directions from College and 196 exit

Head south on College towards downtown from the exit ramp of HWY 196.  Take a right on Michigan st. Take a right at Lafayette. Go under the highway.   Take a left on Trowbridge (cobblestone road). At the first street take a right on Clancy. The building on the left is Trowbridge Flats.   Turn left at Fairbanks (the next street to the north with the store on the corner) Take a left into the one way alley that runs along the backside of Trowbridge Flats.   Park in spot 68, 62 or 47. The office entrance is located almost to the end of the alley. There is a code box at the entrance. Push the following code and the door will unlock and you will be able to pull it open.

Door code

Call button # 2580 # (Press the round call button then the pound symbol then the numbers 2580 and then the pound symbol again)

Upon entering the building please wait in the hallway until your therapist greets you.


Please park in spots 68, 62 or 61. If these spots are not available please park in a spot near the entrance and inform your therapist. We will give you a printed sheet of paper to place on your windshield.