Driver's License Restoration in Grand Rapids, MI

Our experienced team will craft a plan to help you get back on the road.

A mound of paperwork

When it’s time to get your license back you do not want all of your efforts to be in vain.  At The Truism Center, we work with experienced attorneys who will guide you through the complicated process to regain your license.  You one have one chance per year to state your case to the court.

How did you lose your license:

  • Operating While Intoxicated
  • More than 12 points on your record
  • Operating without proper insurance
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Substance Use Evaluation

We provide a substance us evaluation to those seeking to regain their driver’s license.  You will meet with one of our counselors at our office.  After speaking with the counselor, you will be given a drug screen.   The counselor will provide a report that the court requires.

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