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In the last 10 years the stigma around mental health counseling has loosened. Individuals experiencing difficult life transitions and situations like divorce, loss of loved ones, work stress, or family issues are finding it helpful and normal to receive support from a therapist. You don’t have to keep struggling with the past.

Therapy can help you go from feeling bad to good, or good to great. If you’re unfamiliar with what it is like to see a therapist you may want to ask around. You might be surprised how common it is to seek the help of a mental health counselor.

Therapy doesn’t have to last forever but the benefits will.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to rely on your therapist for long term stability. Though some individuals may benefit from ongoing counseling, our goal is to help you experience a powerful transformation and outgrow our support.

The Truism Center has a team of licensed mental health professionals, expertly trained to listen and build a healing relationship with you.

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When you come to the Truism Center for counseling, you are always the most important person in the room. Depending on your needs, our therapeutic approach will change, but the goal remains the same. We empower you to change for the better. There’s always more truth to learn about yourself. An expertly trained, licensed and insured therapist is an investment into yourself—your future, stronger self.

Ways we can help:

Individual and Couples Counseling

Trauma informed care

Support groups

Play therapy for children

Safe Space Therapy for LGBTQ+

Recovery Counseling

Psycho educational groups

Counseling for teens

Our mental health therapists accept self-pay clients as well as Employer Assisted Programs (EAP) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). View each featured therapists’ page for rates and insurance offerings.

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