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i am brave

Who benefits from EMDR Therapy?

On windy days, I wonder if the trees worry whether they will withstand the unrelenting pressure? I’m not sure what their root system looks like.  Is it deep? Has it been compromised? If it falls, it could cause so much damage. Is there any way to nourish the tree and be sure that it’s as healthy as possible?

If you find yourself worrying about yourself in this same way you may benefit from EMDR.  Maybe you’ve noticed other people who have gone through painful and emotional times and wonder how they seem so strong.  How did that happen for them? You feel stuck and anytime you feel an association to this pain, it’s so intense that you feel your body react in ways you struggle to understand. You’re solution has been to build a nice fence around your life.  You spend a tremendous amount of energy trying to control events that may trigger you into that difficult place.

This is an inadequate coping mechanism that blocks you from being free to enjoy the life you hope to live.  There is hope to live better and EMDR may help.

How does EMDR work?

In a very simplistic way, it’s similar to digestion.  When you eat, your body produces chemicals that break down the food and turn it into energy and pass the excess through your system.  When you travel through life, not everything is easy for the brain to process. It’s as if very specific circumstances never digested at all.  They live in a place in your brain where they can be triggered and involuntarily cause you to react. The diversity of ways people react to this kind of emotional difficulty is vast.  It could range from fits of rage (overreacting in a way that is hurtful to those you love) or avoidance. EMDR is a proven methodology and treatment that speeds up the processing (digestion) of difficult emotions.  

Are you ready?

You’ve must be brave when seeing an EMDR therapist.  This is true because once you have built a safe environment with your therapist, they will be taking you on a journey to revisit these events and emotions.  Your therapist will guide you on the journey where your brain can digest the emotions.

The Truism Center has expertly trained, kind and compassionate therapists who will create a safe space for you to heal and grow.  Visit or email to schedule your first appointment.