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LGBTQ Counseling in Michigan

Convenient, Private & Professional Therapy Let Go Of The Struggle, And Experience Life Differently

    Isolated. Constantly Rejected. Shame.

    You are exhausted trying to defend yourself. Would life have been easier if you were not born this way? It’s so hard to be born to a family and society that does not accept you for who you are.

    You feel so misunderstood and even condemned. You hate that you hate yourself. You think it’s the worst thing ever to be how you are, constantly battling with your nature.

    You feel like if anyone saw how you felt inside, they would reject you, and it’s the greatest fear that hangs over you at all times.

    So you put on a performance, fearing that if anyone knew you’d be rejected. You’re denying everything you want to make everyone else happy, constantly living in fear.

    But to face these things isn’t impossible. In fact, life can take on a whole new experience.

    Counseling Can Help

    Acceptance. Community. Safe Space.

    Counseling allows you to speak with someone about what’s really going on, to release the burden.

    By speaking to someone, the load becomes lighter almost immediately. And it keeps getting lighter the more you open up.

    Through developing a connection with your counselor in a TRULY safe space, they will show you how to accept your inner self. By learning to not reject yourself, you can gain the tools to see life in a more vibrant way.

    Counseling then gives you the tools so you can stand on your own two feet, and you’ll look back wondering who that other person was.

    We know it can feel difficult or awkward to reach out, but we’re here
    to guide you every step of the way.

    Hi, we’re The Truism Center,and we offer counseling to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and other marginalized people groups who need to know that they will be heard and valued.

    Ways We Can Help

    You are special and unique and you should be looking for more than a “gay friendly” therapist. Click the “get in touch” button below to contact our Safe Space Therapists.

    The owner of The Truism Center is proud to be part of the LGBTQ community.

    How To Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

    We’ll call at a time that suits you and learn more about you and your unique situation. From there we’ll connect you with the therapist that will best support you and your unique goals.

    Let’s meet! If you like the sound of our recommended therapist, then we’ll encourage you to meet them yourself so you can see for yourself how we can really help you.

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