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Online Therapy and Counseling in Michigan

Convenient, Private & Professional Therapy From The Comfort Of Your Home

Let Go of The Struggle, Experience Relief From Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

    Feeling Alone. Misunderstood by everyone else. Isolated

    Everyday you have the same constant negative thoughts that just don’t seem to leave you alone. You feel stuck and don’t know what to do anymore.

    You don’t want to hurt anyone else in your life, but you’re also tired of being hurt, and every key relationship in your life is in conflict.

    It feels like you’ve lost connection with who you are and you’re afraid it won’t ever be able to return back to normal.

    What’s at stake is that if you don’t take any action, if you don’t make a change, things could continue to spiral downtowards.That feeling of isolation and fear could get worse.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you take action and reach out, things can change for the better, no matter your situation.

    Therapy Can Help

    Almost all the pain and problems in life can be boiled down to a relationship problem. A conflict with others, with a religion, with a community, and most importantly a conflict with ourselves.

    That creates a negative feedback loop and twists our emotions so we lose our optimism and joy for life, and end up scaring the relationships around us. 

    Therapy helps you get OUTSIDE of your head, so you can see these negative thoughts as they occur, you can see why you feel stuck, and then BREAK the loop entirely. 

    By connecting with your therapist, they help get down to the ROOT CAUSE of why you’re feeling stuck, and let it go so you can build a better version of yourself.

    You can build better relationships with other people.

    The reality is YOU CAN CHANGE the way you experience life can reverse 180 degrees so you can enjoy each day, and therapy can help give you the tools to do so.

    We know it can feel difficult or awkward to reach out, but we’re here
    to guide you every step of the way.

    Hi, we’re The Truism Center, and we help people every day change the way they experience life, and become a better version of themselves.

    Therapy doesn’t have to last forever but the benefits will.

    When you come to the Truism Center for counseling, you are always the most important person in the room. Depending on your needs, our therapeutic approach will change, but the goal remains the same. We empower you to change for the better.

    Ways we can help:

    Individual and Couples Counseling

    Trauma informed care

    Support groups

    Play therapy for children

    Safe Space Therapy for LGBTQ

    Substance Abuse Counseling (Addiction and DOT SAP)

    Psycho educational groups

    Counseling for teens

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