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Social Anxiety Group Therapy: A Community of Growth

Sweaty palms. Racing heart. You don’t know what to say.

If you experience this on a regular basis when interacting with people, you may be suffering from Social Anxiety.

We at the Truism Center want you to know that you aren’t alone. Our Social Anxiety Therapy plan will prepare you to overcome your anxiety in a safe, supportive, social environment with people just like you.

We start with private sessions. When you’re ready, group work allows you the opportunity to put your new tools to work and conquer your fears.

Are you ready to live the life you always wanted?

Our Program

Our unique and comprehensive program disarms social anxiety from multiple angles in a safe and comfortable setting. This comprehensive program begins with three personally focused therapy sessions to create goals for treatment, learn foundational mental health exercises and prepare to get the most out of the group dynamic.

The Truism Center
221 Trowbridge St. Unit 208, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Step 1: One on one sessions

In one on one Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions we aim to accomplish two important goals:

  • Give you the tools to help manage anxiety when it occurs. No more spiraling into worse and worse anxiety. Now you can stop negative thought patterns in their tracks.
  • Help you to identify and reprogram cognitive distortions that may be at the root cause of your anxiety.

Step 2: Group work

Small group work will put you in a safe social context with people just like you who are working towards building skills to aid in the management of anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy gives you a low-consequence social laboratory in which to practice your skills. You can heal and grow while engaging with a community that understands your challenges.

Group work is comprised of weekly 90 minute sessions. 6-8 other clients will participate in this open group setting. Once enrolled in group work there will be opportunities to participate in social outings we call “behavioral experiments”. Read more about these below.

Groups will meet on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings starting in January 2020.

Individual sessions are booking now.

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How It Works

The Truism Center offers a program to help you overcome your Social Anxiety. It is a hybrid group program that involves individual therapy, group therapy and behavioral experiments.

Individual therapy: Patients with social anxiety should plan to start the process by scheduling at least 3 individual sessions prior to attending group. Once group begins clients will schedule individual sessions in between group meetings as necessary and agreed upon in the planning/intake sessions.

Group therapy: Groups are open which means people are able to participate as long as necessary as long as they are committed to the work. This means that 6-8 other people will be in the process with you. Groups are 18 an over and co-ed.

Behavioral experiments: Group members will plan a social outing together and practice the skills learned in group therapy. Therapists will accompany the group on the outing. The group will process the outing as part of the group therapy session after.

Participants will sign a confidentiality disclosure and agree to adhere to positive group dynamic statements. Groups are led by two licensed therapists at The Truism Center.

The next group begins January 2020 on Thursday nights, 7pm to 830pm and Sundays 10:00am to 11:30am. Book your individual session today.

Cost: Each person will work in collaboration with their individual therapist to create a custom plan of individual counseling and group sessions. Group sessions are $60 per 90 minute session. Individual sessions are $90 for 50 minute session. Clients are given worksheets and assignments to work on between sessions.

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More Resources

Overcoming social anxiety is within your reach. Read a personal success story here.

Read more about group therapy and the eleven specific factors that lead to significant changes and shifts for group members that were identified by group therapy expert Irvin Yolom.

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