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Why Don’t I Care Anymore? Clinicians’ Struggles with Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Scenario: Is it burnout or compassion fatigue? Imagine you are a clinician. You have 25 clients on your caseload, but your maximum caseload is...

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Reflect on Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow: Using Self-Reflection as a Tool for Healthy Living

Self-Reflection (a Framework for Life) “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop question...

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Start at the Finish Line: Life’s Race is Your Victory

Where do we see some of the greatest victories? When do we envision the crowd going wild with everyone on their feet? Where do we see a photo fin...

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Balancing Life’s Imbalances: Moderating Our Intentions and Values

Everything in Moderation (Is Not What I Thought) Why is it that ice cream, chocolate, pizza, drugs, and alcohol are always so bad for us? Why ...

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When You Need a Holiday from All the Holidays!

Holiday Gatherings (are Stressful) Family and friend get-togethers are filled with laughter, joy, happiness, and most importantly, love! Every...

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Beauty Sleeps No More: My Beauty. My Body Image. My Ideal.

Written by Dr. Ryan Kron Ph.D. Psychologist Loving Your Body Image (is Rare) Not many people truly feel good about their body image. Body ...

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The Truism Centered Life

What are you aiming for? The goal is quite simple, isn’t it?  People want more happiness, less pain, more enjoyment and fulfillmen...

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Creativity And Mental Health: Building Resilience Through Play

Do you have a creative outlet in your life? Maybe you journal, paint, dance, knit, code, doodle, or sing in the shower. How does it make you feel...

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Setting Healthy Boundaries: How Saying No Can Make Space For Yes

Have you ever felt like you needed some space? Have you ever felt crowded in a relationship, or like you don’t know who you are anymore? Have y...

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How To Recognize The Signs Of Codependency in Your Relationship

Last blog we talked about how fear can be affecting your relationship, so this week we thought we’d dive a little deeper into relationships and...

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Is Fear Controlling Your Relationship? Insecurities, Self-Sabotage and More

Last blog we examined how the predominant Culture of Fear functions to keep you complacent and how it might be affecting your life at work. But i...

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How The “Culture Of Fear” Might Be Influencing Your Life

Maybe you’ve heard this term or maybe you haven’t. Culture of Fear is a sociological framework developed by Frank Furedi (as well as the titl...

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