Barb Nasser-Gulch—Person Centered Counseling in Hastings & Grandville, MI

“Self-care is often a very unbeautiful thing. True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.” — Brianna Wiest

A great plan moving forward

Untangling your history, thoughts, feelings, relationships, pain, life story, and current stressors,  and how all of them impact your life today, can feel overwhelming.   You’ll need time and a safe space where you can feel fully respected and accepted as you are.  Bring your real and authentic self to the surface.  In that environment, you can begin to trust, to feel less defensive, to open up. I offer support, structure, and tools that help you move from feeling stuck, helpless defensive, hypervigilant, or hopeless to a state of receptivity and un-self-consciousness where you can experience growth and change.  

Compassionate caring

I bring my full and genuine self to my therapeutic relationships which I have found gives my clients permission to do the same. I bring my life experiences of joy and discovery, pain and suffering.  We can speak of our failures and grief, resilience and hope, love and disconnection, emptiness and fulfillment.  Don’t forget about a sense of humor, lightness, and fun!  As an equal partner in this genuine relationship, you will begin to gain a new understanding of yourself, become more grounded in how you confront life’s problems, recover an experience of your own effectiveness, and feel hope. 

Supportive Alliance

I help my clients discover and create lives that are enjoyable, healthy, satisfying, and authentic.  All of us have times when we need one-on-one support to move through challenges, resolve painful experiences, and heal inner wounds that are barriers to achieving the future we desire. I  specialize in working with individuals and couples to build healthier relationships with their emotions, themselves, and other people. To do this I focus on clients’ persistent negative emotions, social and relationship difficulties, troubling and unhelpful behaviors, self-images,  habitual thought patterns, and the impact of key life experiences in the here-and-now.  

My style

My style is warm, relational, and deeply accepting. What sets me apart from other mental health providers is the balanced emphasis I place on the relational and analytical aspects of counseling. Building genuine, empathetic, respectful relationships with my clients is critical— and so is reading widely, studying the latest research, and pursuing continuing training. Holding these two focal points in dynamic tension is essential to how I practice and allows me to provide my clients with the best of both worlds—an affirming, authentic interpersonal bond that establishes an atmosphere of safety and hope and an expanding, integrated web of knowledge and skills backed by hard science.  
Gottman Approved Member