Bradley Wallsteadt—Person Centered Therapy, Grand Rapids, MI

"It is in strife that life lies, and were there no opposing forces there would neither be moral nor immoral, neither victory nor defeat" - Samuel Butler

Discover self-compassion

You deserve a comfortable space where you’re able to talk about your life and struggles.  The freedom to share openly about your triumphs and failures.  Therapy isn’t always hashing out all of the negative stuff.  There is a space for you to talk about all of the current things you’re doing for yourself and others too.  This lays a nice foundation to comb through your mistakes and learn about how you can grow as an individual. A person who is willing to work on themselves faces endless possibilities and potential. My goal is to see you succeed and help you effortlessly face each day. As a therapist, my primary goal is to provide solace and clarity to life’s most difficult challenges.


Counseling is a relationship, a professional relationship where we brainstorm, collaborate, and work together to craft a plan of action to focus on eliminating unhelpful and harmful thoughts. With the assistance of CBT and trauma-informed techniques, I believe we can expand on the understanding of your specific strengths and find empathy for your weaknesses.  I hope that we can create a trust that will allow you to feel supported and cared for so you can be the best version of yourself.

Your life is invaluable

As a licensed social worker, I focus on your dignity and worth as an individual. I am certified to provide Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to adolescents and have a background in a school-based workplace. I have training in EFT (tapping) and currently pursuing training to provide canine therapy with my dog Smokey, an Australian Shepard.