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“Friendship fuels the flames of romance because it offers the best protection against feeling adversarial toward your spouse.” - John Gottman

Marriage is hard work.

How’s that for an understatement? Marriage is one of the most difficult, energy-intensive things most people do in their lives. But it can also be the most uplifting, gratifying, rejuvenating things people can share with one another. It seems like we are all told from an early age this is true, but before we get married, somehow our expectations for the amount of genuine self-sacrificing labor and focus our marriage will consume never seem to match up to the reality.

Are we even friends anymore?

For many, the safety, joy and rest in a marriage don’t seem to match up to our expectations. The person who once was our best friend, our closest confidant, our strongest supporter and the person me most wanted to please, now that person often seems like our most frequent critic.  They never seem to listen to us anymore, they are more focused on defending themselves than supporting us, and they seem impossible to please as they look down on us in contempt.


After months and years of this – often mutual – disillusionment, it is natural to feel under-appreciated, disrespected, beaten down and hopeless about marriage. It is my goal to restore hope to marriages and committed relationships of all sorts and stages. Particularly, I aim to help my clients who have come to feel torn between their commitment to their partners and fostering their own sense of inner wellness. It seems to me these two things are generally not mutually exclusive.

Creating a new starting point

I seek to show my clients how they can work together to transform their relationships into mutually enriching, central pillars of their wellness, rather than the seeming greatest obstacles to happiness.
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