Dr. Ryan Kron —Behavioral Psychologist—Grand Rapids, MI

"The biggest change you can make is the one no one can see" --Dr. Ryan Kron

Self-Improvement (is Scary)

Change is terrifying. It’s hard and can even feel impossible. As a psychologist, I have the expertise necessary to help you (and/or your family) no matter how difficult the change may be. I provide real, tangible, and purposeful help using a person-centered therapy style and cognitive-behavioral strategies within my framework of multisystemic reciprocal determinism (MRD). Your journey to centered and balanced life has already begun, and I am here to help. We can do this together. I can help you. You will change!

Intimate Relationships (are Challenging)

Intimate relationships should be a source and sign of happiness, but they are not easy. Communication, intimacy, parenting, socializing, and sharing values require much effort. When these things fall apart, so too does the relationship. But that does not mean the relationship has to end. I can help you and your relationships. Maybe you have never had an intimate relationship, or you have had many. Maybe you are married or divorced, or you’re afraid of both. Maybe you have a love/hate relationship with online dating apps. Maybe you are part of the LGBTQ+ community but feel lost. Whether you are a single parent or have a partner, have a blended family or nuclear one, whether you are straight or LGBTQ+, whether you have multiple siblings or are an only child, I can help. As a doctor, my expertise and years of family counseling experience will help you and your relationships shine.

Parenting a Teen (feels Impossible)

Teenagers experience tremendous physical, developmental, academic, social, sexual, and intrapersonal challenges daily. If you woke up and your clothes didn’t fit, your body hurt, you felt confused, you were being picked on by your peers, and you had a headache, you might say and do some things that were not examples of your best. That’s a typical day for a teen. You used to be able to hug your child, now they hate you. Everything is an argument. You used to play with your child, now you never let them do anything. You’ve embraced a blended family with open arms. You’ve given them the world and they complain that they have nothing. Worse yet, your partner makes you feel like a complete failure. It feels like everything around is crumbling and you are the only one holding everything together…but you can’t do it anymore. I can help. Together we will find your smile again.

Being a Teen (is Hard)

It feels like you don’t fit in, that no one gets you. So-called “friends” make fun of you on Snap, Insta, and Tik Tok (social media). You’re alone. Your family/guardian doesn’t get it. The kids at school and online bully you or ignore you entirely. People expect impossible things from you, and it feels like no matter what you do you’re a failure. It’s never good enough. Nobody hears you. I get it. I get you. I’ve been there and I have had my children feel the same way. I can help. We can fix this together. You will be amazing!

Group Counseling

The Truism Center offers elite group counseling led by our resident Behavioral Psychologist, Dr. Ryan Kron. Having worked with the most at-risk youth in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, and Tennessee, as well as leading experts in multisystemic treatment (MST), Dr. Ryan Kron has acquired vast experience and first-hand knowledge in Teen & Adolescent problems. As a result, Dr. Ryan Kron has developed the theory of Multisystemic Reciprocal Determinism (MRD) to best address Teen & Adolescent matters. The Truism Center boasts in being the only agency in Michigan to offer MRD based services. Group counseling will benefit teenagers regardless of their initial desires to participate. A great deal of resistance may exist when working with teens. They may not want to voluntarily be involved in counseling and may even refuse to talk. Teenagers may be hesitant to trust the therapist. Our therapists employ a variety of skills and strategies to help connect with teenagers while making them feel secure and trusted. These skills extend far beyond simple talk therapy and utilize a variety of methods of communication including verbal, nonverbal, art, music, writing, and social media. The therapist ensures the group members feel safe, heard, comfortable, and engaged. It is common (and encouraged) for parents, school counselors, clergy/spiritual leaders, friends, coaches, etc. to recommend a particular individual to the support group. We have 3 options led by Dr. Ryan Kron for middle & high schoolers ages 12-17 (18)

-General Teen & Adolescent Support Group (Open)

Summary: This is an open Teen & Adolescent support group for individuals struggling with issues that are negatively impacting their social and educational wellbeing. Examples of issues may include social anxiety, depression, stress, social media bullying, poor coping skills, lack of friends, LGBTQ+ related concerns, etc.

– Substance Use/Abuse 8-Week Group (Closed)

Summary: This is an 8-week closed teen support group tackling substance abuse and substance abuse related issues. Each week consists of a specific topic and has associated objectives to be accomplished. Group discussion is used to build knowledge of substance use and its consequences, increase empathy, discuss shared commonalities, and to encourage completion of the group’s goal and objectives. The group is available to and will benefit all teenagers regardless of substance use history.

– High Achieving Student (Academics, Arts, Sports) Support Group (Open)

Summary:  This is an open group for individuals to address the additional pressures and stresses that high achieving or high performing students encounter. Shared commonalities and discussions will address how to handle stress, performance anxiety, loneliness, perfectionism, lacking a clear identity, pride/arrogance, or other issues unique to individuals who are high achieving.

My Body Image (is not Perfect)

An ideal body image is a perception based on a moving target that is impossible to hit. Yet, kids, teens, and adults ALL experience body image issues. Even celebrities, athletes, artists, and the beautiful people experience it. Body image dissatisfaction does not discriminate because it is a socially dependent phenomenon. I am an expert on body image issues and have a sensitive and compassionate heart for people whole struggle with it, myself included. I can assure you, no matter the body image issue (weight, size, hair, height, genital/sex organ size/shape, breast size/shape, deformations, thinness, muscularity, body part colors, body part functions, body odors, etc.) I believe that every concern you have is real. While the perfect body image is a myth, I can help you find happiness with your body image. You will love your body!