Elsie Colbert

Elsie Colbert — Grief Counseling —Grand Rapids, MI

Once you choose hope anything is possible --Christopher Reeve

It’s not the same

Your heart aches as the familiar sounds and smells start to fade, and yet the sadness remains so fresh.   Loss and grief are lingering feelings that help you feel connected in some weird way and you know it’s not possible to mourn this way forever.  Your heart can’t take it.  You feel incapable of making a decision to start anew.  What comes first?  

The journey

Grief is a journey; It takes strength and courage to reach out for support. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, and pain can feel challenging.  You know that talking about it will require a lot of tissues.  This is where the healing begins.  It is difficult to navigate your grief journey on your own.  Talking about it will help you to normalize your difficult feelings in a safe environment. Allow me to walk alongside you to help navigate and process through your feelings and experiences. I work to help build a strong therapeutic alliance. Together, we can create a toolbox to find valuable coping strategies.

One day at a time

I make a commitment to each individual client on their journey toward health and healing. This is done by the creation of a warm, safe, and nonjudgmental environment. I provide a client-centered environment. Not to worry, we will take it one day at a time.