Eric Olsen—Person Centered Couples Counseling, Hastings, MI

"A great relationship is not something that just happens it's something that must be cultivated"

Is this safe?

You might not be able to imagine yourself getting in the car to go see a couples counselor.  Inviting someone into your conflict is quite far down on the list of the most enjoyable activities.  Another thing you can’t imagine is your life disrupted because you’re relationship failed.  You’ve felt defeated as the solutions to the problem never seem to be enough.  You wonder if you’re going to be blamed for everything, you’re tired and exhausted.  However, you’re not ready to give up.

It’s worth it

If you’re willing to do the work, it’s a worthwhile investment.  You don’t have to let the cycle of miscommunication, resentment, stonewalling, criticism take over your happiness.  There is a better way.  It’s time to let go of the past, build new habits, and use better communication tools.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy your relationship like you used to?

When is the right time?

If you recognize yourself in any of the items on this list, it might be time to get help from a licensed relationship therapist.
  • You have difficulty communicating
  • Patterns or traumas from previous relationships show up in your current relationship
  • Dealing with trauma or intolerance due to sexual orientation
  • You have an unbalanced power dynamic or codependency
  • You want to set a strong relationship foundation before marriage
  • You are thinking about divorce or breakup but not sure
  • Physical or emotional betrayal has occurred in your relationship
  • Navigating a big decision (eg. new job, moving, should we have children/adopt, etc)
  • Navigating a major relationship transition (eg. new parents, newly empty nested, newly retired)
  • Feelings of monotony, boredom, or numbness about your partner
  • Difficulty matching intimacy needs between partners
  • Difficulty with, or desire to more deeply explore sex life (learn more about sex therapy)
  • You want to be able to disagree without it turning into a fight
  • You have the same fight again and again with no lasting resolution
  • You aren’t getting something you need from your partner
  • You feel distant from your partner
  • You just want to have a better and deeper relationship with your partner
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A lifetime of experience

I have been working with Individuals and Couples to help them live to the fullest for over 30 years.  I see clients in our Hastings office and would be happy to speak with you over the phone to talk about setting up an appointment.