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Heidi Bott—Person Centered counseling in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Buddha

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing -EMDR

We all have events from our past that impact us in the present. EMDR enables individuals to identify those events and recognize how they impact us in the here and now. Once an event is processed, it becomes like any other memory, rather than a memory that triggers adverse effects.

Processing trauma

The EMDR process is unlike other types of therapy. The initial assessment is done to identify any barriers to EMDR. If barriers like dissociation are found, work is first done to prepare the client for EMDR therapy. This may include somatic or mindfulness work. A client is never asked to address trauma without appropriate groundwork. Once groundwork has been established, traumatic memories are identified and then processed. Some memories may take multiple sessions to fully process, others may take only one session.

Reliable treatment

An important benefit of EMDR is that it allows one to address traumatic events at a more accelerated rate than talk therapy. Individuals often report a noticeable improvement after just a few sessions. If you have trauma to address or are just feeling stuck, EMDR is an excellent option. Having experienced EMDR therapy myself, I can personally attest to the positive benefits.


Turmoil resolved

The counseling journey is one taken by those seeking inner peace. I consider it an honor to walk alongside individuals while on this journey. I am passionate about helping people find healing. The world may tell us we are broken but that is not true. We are beings capable of incredible healing and growth. Sometimes we need just a little help along the way.   I work to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for clients. The therapy space is a judgment-free zone and welcoming space. You are the expert in your own situation and I want to respect that during the counseling process.

Seek inner peace

I use multiple forms of therapy to help people achieve their goals. The tools I use most are Mindfulness Practices, Person-Centered Counseling, and EMDR. While EMDR is often used for serious trauma, it is also beneficial to address needs related to single incident trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other diagnoses.    I work with individuals from age 6 through adulthood. I have experience working with individuals of all ages, abilities, and orientations.
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