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Holly DeVivo Person Centered Counseling—Grandville, MI

"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone." – Lisa Olivera

Be the best you

I know that you have your own unique way of looking at the world.  Your experiences, hopes, dreams, and frustrations are all important and part of your journey.  No presumption is being made, my goal is to use a person-centered, strengths-based, and eclectic approach to the work I do as a counselor.   I frequently use cognitive, acceptance, and mindful techniques to help you examine your thoughts and how they can influence your feelings and behaviors.  I hope that with all of my clients I am able to work to create a strong professional relationship that fosters an environment for growth. Therapy gives us the opportunity to learn, change, and grow in our identities and relationships. I believe that therapy can be transformative, but it can also be challenging, I trust that you are an expert in your life and will work alongside you to help identify areas in which you would like to grow, and help you create a path in which to do it

Keeping the end in mind

My goal as your therapist is to help you reach a place in your life where you feel fulfilled and confident in who you are as an individual. Whether that means working through a mental health concern like depression or anxiety, or simply having someone listen to you without judgment, it is a privilege for me to hold space for you.

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