Joseph Conrad—Person Centered Counseling in Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision" --Sir Winston Churchill

Am I the only one?

Sometimes it seems like life is swirling around you so fast that if you took a step towards it you’d get sucked in and whisked away.  You see that your tendency is to get too wrapped up and thus overwhelmed and then to recover you detach and avoid. Every day our mind processes information at an extremely fast rate.  Social media, mainstream media, and our social circle are constant reminders of who we are not, who we should be, or who we want to be.  This kind of pressure, added with any previous trauma or unhealthy thoughts can cause anxiety, depression, anger, or other various mental health challenges.  Sometimes it feels easier to address these thoughts alone, the reality is, it is always healthier to process these thoughts with an unbiased individual so that the pressure of today’s world doesn’t feel so tight.  


You want to feel self-assured.  Confident that you can navigate through life’s difficult seasons without the fear that you’ll be shipwrecked and stuck. It is not easy to navigate all the thoughts that come your way.  Let me embark on this journey with you.  My approach is to work with you as a teammate, pushing you to accomplish whatever goal you deem appropriate.  I provide a safe space to discuss the inner thoughts and feelings that you don’t want to mention to family and friends.  We work together to find healthy ways to deal with these thoughts, allowing you to enhance your experiences in life.  Going through life with a clear mind, allows us to enjoy the little things that much more. 

A clear path

Sometimes we revisit the past and other times we work through the present to find a resolution.   I take a person-centered approach, which means that my relationship with you is all about you achieving your goals.   I recognize we are all unique individuals and want to be treated as such.  My goals are your goals and I would love to work with you to accomplish them.  Please feel free to email or call me and allow me the privilege of working with you.