"And if today, all you did was hold yourself together, I’m proud of you.” -Unknown Author

Life isn’t always easy

Everyone deserves the chance to be heard and given the support they need to live their best life. Life isn’t always easy and things happen. You cannot always control these things, but you can control how they impact your life. I feel strongly that it is vital to your mental health and wellbeing to have the opportunity to process those life events in a safe place. That you have someone who will listen to you so that you feel heard. I want to be here for you through your tough times and learn to work together so that you can feel better.

Is it time to take care of yourself?

When you are struggling with mental health, it can be isolating and confusing. It can be tough to reach out and ask for help. If you are like many, you haven’t taken the time that you need to take care of yourself. I understand that you are faced with so much and I want to be here for you so that you can be the best version of yourself!

I am passionate about helping you reach your full potential

I have worked with men, women, pregnant women, and mothers with addictions, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, homelessness, mental health disorders, and others. Services I have provided have included; inpatient, outpatient, medication-assisted treatment, probation, and other court-related issues. In addition, I have worked with youth where I assessed; suicidal ideation, mental health, bullying, relationships, legal issues, depression, and anxiety. I am passionate about helping youth and adults reach their full potential by exploring their needs, learning new coping skills, processing through their life, and more. I strive to create a safe space where anybody can feel safe and supported. I am here to help you get through your difficult times!