“You are not a Before and After story. You are fluid. Multilayered. Ever-changing. You don't need to prove you've made it to some "other side." You can just be you, now.” - Lisa Olivera

I am a trauma-informed therapist offering individual and relational care for teens, adults, and couples experiencing life transitions. 

Change is powerful

We live in a world of constant change. My goal as a therapist is to help you prepare for, embrace, and navigate change in its many forms. Whether you’re graduating from high school, dealing with work stress, preparing for marriage, or navigating conflict in relationships, I can help! 

Finding Self

As an immigrant, my lived experience is an important part of my approach to therapy. I love working with diverse populations because, like you, I have experienced the ups and downs of life. I understand the frustration of being misunderstood, the pain of being othered, and the realities of “being different.” I help clients understand and care for themselves on a deeper level.