Magdalen Vogt —Person Centered Counseling—Grand Rapids, MI

“Self-compassion is letting yourself off the hook, letting yourself be human and flawed and also amazing. It’s giving yourself credit for showing up instead of beating yourself up for taking so long to get there”- Shauna Niequist

Life is Precious

Your story matters to me. Your story is unique to you and holds so much power. I cannot wait to hear about it! Life is full of twists and turns that we cannot predict, but there is also beauty should we choose to look for it. This can take hard work and patience, but I am dedicated and determined to help you succeed in this. I aim to empower you toward hope and healing. It is my honor to walk alongside you in your journey; to help you develop the necessary skills to succeed and navigate all of life’s unpredictable challenges. We are all confronted with obstacles that can seem daunting at times, but as an optimist, I believe that change is possible and within reach with the right amount of effort.   My goal is to create and ensure a safe, compassionate, and supportive environment to process what may feel overwhelming and scary. Together, we will reach your goals. I am eager to work with adults of all populations, orientations, and backgrounds.

Let’s work together

I am a clinically trained Social Worker dedicated to therapeutic relationships and partnerships with clients. I utilize a strengths-based, client-centered, and compassionate approach to therapy to help facilitate positive change. I use both cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavioral approaches to work on reframing negative core beliefs that we hold and creating better relationships with ourselves. I specialize in anxiety, depression, grounding techniques, coping skills, and improving interpersonal relationships.  Ready to dive into therapy for the first time or get back into work you have started in the past? I would love to have an open conversation about what your needs are. I look forward to getting to know more about you.