As we become aware of ourselves as storytellers, we realize we can use our stories to heal and make ourselves whole." – Susan Wittig Albert

Creative thinking as an instrument of change

I believe we all have that spark of imagination and creativity that we display in youth through play. Though many of us fall out of practice as we age, we can rediscover it and use it to shift the way we think. By taking a creative problem-solving approach together, we can tackle repeat patterns that aren’t serving you anymore and start practicing a new mode of conceptualizing your thoughts and experiences.

Sharing your deeper self

Each of us has become who we are as a consequence of our greater environment and experiences within that, and it is never as simple as it seems. Thus, there is nothing you can tell me about yourself that would cause me to disdain you. What you share would only bring about compassion and a curiosity to understand you on a deeper level in order to help you understand yourself and to make informed decisions about becoming the person you want to be. I always strive to be as genuine and honest as I can with you in order to foster comfort and acceptance of your own inner truth.  

You are the author of your story

Even though there are conditions that we cannot control in our lives, our reactions to our life circumstances shape our thoughts, behaviors, and experiences as a whole. By separating out the conditions that we can and cannot control, we can hone in on what can be done about the elements that are in our control. One step at a time, I can help you to explore these elements to take charge of your story, even if the setting remains the same.