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The Truism Center
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"Conflict with your teenager doesn't have to be the new normal"

Teenager in the house

Living with difficulty and tension with your teen can be challenging and exhausting.  Your world and theirs seem to collide on a daily basis.  Seeing a counselor with your teen can cause a dynamic shift in your family. You’re dealing with guilt, anger, and frustration and fear the loss of the relationship you once knew.  It’s common for teens to express their independence and autonomy, but this seems unhealthy.  If your teen is acting out or having emotional problems, I help parents find innovative ways to help manage and rebuild loving relationships with them.

Parenting your Teenager

Teenagers face real problems on a daily basis as this is the most difficult phase of growing up.  School, friends, family, and social media become overwhelming challenges.  They feel misunderstood and it’s essential that they feel validated in their feelings and thoughts.  Support and unconditional positive regard toward your teen will help them feel supported.  

Bringing About Change

Sharing personal problems, concerns, and struggles with a therapist offers potential benefits including personal growth, insight, and the development of coping skills that will equip the client to deal more effectively with life.  The goal will always be to bring about positive change and will require the client’s active involvement and effort to achieve success.  Counseling can be a combination of individual counseling for parents and/or teens and counseling with the whole family.  Working towards healthy communication among all members of the house to bring about harmony is important.

Providing Support

With over 15 years of experience working with teens and their families.  I provide individual, couples, group and family therapy.  I specialize in mental health and emotional issues, behavioral problems, school issues, substance abuse, and trauma.  My professional focus is stabilizing those who are in crisis, empowering families, and helping individuals to heal and grow.  I commit to providing empathy, active listening, and non-judgment within a safe and confidential place.
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