Therapy For Trauma

Flashbacks…nightmares…uncontrollable thoughts…

  • These symptoms of trauma can cause a person to think that life is caving in, that they’ll never fit in with ‘normal’ society.
  • But not all people suffering from trauma experience these symptoms. Some can be more subtle. Mood changes, negativity, intolerance—even feelings of guilt and shame.
  • Simple tasks like going to the store can be intimidating. Things that used to be everyday activities, like walking the dog in the park, can bring a level of anxiety that is crippling.

A feeling of detachment can set in—a sense of ‘I’ll never be normal again’.

Things that used to be fun are now meaningless, as emotional numbness takes over. After a while, relationships suffer. Maintaining closeness can be incredibly difficult.

Many sufferers of Trauma can relate.

If this sounds familiar, and nothing seems to help, welcome…we can help.

In fact, by reading this, the journey to feeling better…and ‘normal’ again…may already have started.

At The Truism Center, we know from our combined 50+ years of experience that there is no one-size-fits-all fix for trauma.

The path to feeling good is unique to each person, and at The Truism Center, we not only show each client how to find their individual path, but we bring them through the steps to wellness.

How To Get Started With Therapy

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